Thursday, April 27, 2006

Life Update


I returned to Oxford today; I woke up at 7:30am EST yesterday and have been awake since then. It's almost dinner time! I hope I adjust more quickly to the time change this time around.

I had an amazing vacation. The last four months was the longest time I've gone without seeing my friends at home, and I'd really started to feel that deeply. I've had an intense several months, and it's important to see some folks in person to talk about all of the things that can't really be explored or solved in letters or phone calls.

Mind you, I love Oxford and I love my friends here. I missed them while they were gone over the break. It's like a big party as I sit in the library and write this entry.

I've just had two copies of my essay bound, and they're ready to be submitted tomorrow morning. Hooray!

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the jesse said...

We all enjoyed having you and I was especially glad you made it to the show. Thanks for your kind words. See you in a couple months!

Kyle said...


#Debi said...

There's a special treat for you at my place...