Monday, April 03, 2006

Essay Writing

5 Lent

Jen and Anna are just chatting away as I bleed my life into my work. Check out my workstation. I'm sure that +Alan will be pleased to know that they share my workspace with an icon of the Blessed Trinity. I am a theology machine! Grrr!

Word Count for Eucharistic Ecclesiology (Updated whenever I get fidgety):

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5,308 / 7,000

In the Eucharist, Jesus comes to create unity through the exercise of judgment in the community now, as the eschatological judgment and restoration is brought into the present (Cavanaugh 235-36):
"For those who are not in Christ, judgment likewise does not simply await the parousia; people are already getting sick and dying as a consequence of eating an drinking without discerning the body of Christ. Paul is not speaking metaphorically; the Eucharist can kill you. We must stress that it is not the church which disciplines, but the Lord who disciplines the church. Furthermore, this is not a matter for the 'soul' alone. Those who 'eat and drink judgment against themselves' feel the effects in their very flesh" (236).

- William T. Cavanaugh, Torture and Eucharist: Theology, Politics and the Body of Christ, Blackwell Publishers: Oxford, 1998.

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+ Alan said...

Very nice - us three and THE Three watching over you as you write. :)

Katey said...

Ok, I have to say that I find it a bit wierd and a tad obsesive that you have a COUNTER! But it doesn't surprise me. You're still my friend though. :)

Love & Peace,

Kyle said...


The PLU code for Chiquita bananas at the grocery is 4011.

I can tell you all about being "a bit weird and a tad obsessive."

Anonymous said...


Kyle... That is a bit obsessive... Therapy, maybe??

Bryan said...

Looks like you're up to 4,847 words. You're making progress. Keep going!

Ben Finger said...
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Kyle said...

Click it. I discovered it on Amy Welborn's site.