Monday, April 10, 2006

Checking the Classifieds

In between some correspondance and revising my essay, I'm continuing to read Athanasius' Life of Antony. The thing reads like an exorcism manual. Now that's some professional development!

Matt says that each bishop in the C of E appoints a diocesan exorcist from among the clergy. And I think that's wicked cool.


Anonymous said...

Well in Manchester we also have priests who are trained as ninjas, apparently:


The headline originally said: NINJA PRIEST ATTACKS BOY

Now if you could combine that with exorcism I would definitely come to your church.

Kyle said...

Steven! Note my homeless person story, and consider it done!

Caelius said...

We really should do that in this country. The Book of Occasional Services just says the bishop should be informed if an exorcism is necessary. I imagine the bishop would recommend psychiatric help.

Kyle said...


"Dear Bishop..."