Sunday, April 09, 2006


Palm Sunday
"...the greatness of the great Christian saints lies in their readiness to be questioned, judged, stipped naked and left speechless by that which lies at the center of their faith."

- Rowan Williams, The Wound of Knowledge: Christian Spirituality from the New Testament to Saint John of the Cross, 1.

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New Life said...

"Wound of Knowledge". I read this about five yeras ago and it is what help make me decide to become an Episcopalian.

This quote was one of my fisrt blog entries and perhaps one of my all time favorite quotes.

Kyle said...

Ha, sweet!

Chris said...

HOTT NAKED SAINTS!!! Come see these saints BARE IT ALL! You will be left speechless when you see the CENTER OF THEIR FAITH!! Come judge for yourself. Open late!!!

Just off the M40, across from Burger King.

Chris said...

Come and see HOTTT SAINTS STRIPPED NAKED! You will be left speechless when they show you the CENTER OF THEIR FAITH! Judge for yourself! Open late, free drinks before 11.