Thursday, April 26, 2007

Favorite Saints Meme

Mark the Evangelist

Anthropax has tagged me with this fun little meme.

I should note that, being a good Postmodern Anglo-Catholic Anarchist (read: Anabaptist), I'm defining "saint" as a noteworthy holy person of the Christian faith. As a matter of fact, I have a liturgical desk calendar into which I write additional commemorations. Harrumph.

My four favorite saints:

Peter (I love the story of denial and restoration)
Ignatius of Antioch (what Ignatius taught me)
Clement of Rome (what Clement taught me)
Ambrose of Milan (because he put a knot in the tail of early Christendom)

(Favorite Blessed: Skipping this one, obviously)

One person I think ought to be canonized:

Geoffrey Anketel Studdert-Kennedy, Anglican Priest and Chaplain, 8 March 1929.

Speaking of saints and fathers, everybody's seen this, right?

Okay, now who would be some interesting folks to tag...?

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk (even though he's not attracted to Catholicism, I'll bet he's got some "saints" he looks up to)
Katie (who's not blogged in awhile)
Mike Aquilina (who's always happy to be asked about these things)
Jeremy (who needs to blog about something besides denominational politics. Ha!)


mike said...

OK, I bit. I may shock my regular visitors with the preponderance of moderns.

katie said...

Saints? I'm not big on sports analogies, being a girl and all, remind me again what sport it is they play?
Oh, you mean those Catholic ones right, isn't that just like the apostles or something?

Just kidding :0)
I'm going to get around to this meme eventually. Just don't hold your breath, it may be a little while!