Monday, April 16, 2007

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Antony offers some Kurt Vonnegut clips.

An Easter hymn by Kim Fabricus.

Telling the story, from Selva Oscura.

Sherwood says no to the Christian Disneyland, and God bless him for it.

Ben Myers reminds us of Rowan Willliams' Easter sermon. It'll take you five minutes, and it's a wonderful point.
"So: if we can accept the unwelcome picture of us and our world that Good Friday offers, we are, in the strangest way, set free to hear what Easter says. Give up the struggle to be innocent and the hope that God will proclaim that you were right and everyone else wrong. Simply ask for whatever healing it is that you need, whatever grace and hope you need to be free, then step towards your neighbour; Easter reveals a God who is ready to give you that grace and to walk with you. In St Paul’s bold words in his Letter to the Romans (11.32), ‘In making all mankind prisoners to disobedience, God’s purpose was to show mercy to all mankind.’"
Amen, amen.

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