Friday, February 02, 2007

My Day

Ordinary Time

Yesterday was a very busy and fun day. I went to Georgetown to meet with Doc and discuss my dissertation research. He pointed out that, alas, foundationalism is not so dead as I might like to believe; its kind of a plain fact that while pomo, post-foundationalist churches are flourishing, as well as neo-monastic, catholic churches (like our own), fundamentalism is in. Actually, pretty much the only churches that are falling off are the mainline denominations (hee hee). Doc was also kind enough to give me deadlines: chapter 1 is due on Ash Wednesday.

I'm thinking all kind of brilliant dissertation thoughts, but those are secret. Shhh.

Glen and I had lunch at Fava's. I'm sure all my GC readers have been there, but for the rest of you, it's a downtown restaurant that's been there since 1910. It's got that local Mom and Pop ambiance. I had a burger. With bacon. It was nice. I spent much of the afternoon gossiping about Baptists with Glen and Zac. At Georgetown, there's plenty of Baptist news to go around. Mostly we talked about some of the neo-monastic communities growing up around the world. I'd heard of the Baptists of Northumbria (yeah, I know they're considered interdenominational) but Glen told me about a group of Baptists doing the monastic thing in suburban Australia. Anybody have names or details?

I wandered to the Campus Ministries lounge to meet up with Patrick, but was duped into a Bible study. That Patrick, always looking after my soul! But seriously, lots of fun. Somehow we got turned 'round to that ever-relevant question, "Can a Campbellite be Saved?" We'll do a podcast on that one soon.

I visited Jeremy, my former housemate. If I've told you stories about Jeremy, you know that every time I see him, I feel like it's my birthday. *blushes*

Icon by Alan Creech

Morgan Atkinson hosted the Lexington premiere of his new Merton documentary, "Soul Searching," at the Cathedral of Christ the King last night. I attended with Alan, obviously. The program was really well done, and you should watch it when it comes to KET/PBS on Easter evening if you have any interest in Merton. I'm sure the guys will be pleased to know that this has pushed me over: I'm ready to read Merton.

Okay, so let me explain to you an aspect of blog nerdiness. Every couple of weeks, a stranger will stop me and say, "you don't know me, but I read your blog." I think that's really cool. The first half-dozen times was kind of disconcerting, but after that, it was a pretty neat thing. It means precisely nothing to be "e-famous," but it is fun to meet and chat with some of the people who bother to read what I write here.

I wonder how weird it must be to hear, "Hi, you don't know me, but I listen to your dad's podcasts." (Probably pretty weird.) I briefly met Clay Spencer after the program, and told him just that. I thought it would be funny. Anyway, you should listen to (and read!) the Internet Monk, if you don't already.

Okay. Now I'm going to take out the garbage, clean the kitchen, and get back to reading Stan Grenz. Good times.

I'm such a nerd. But more on that to come...


Anonymous said...

I wonder how weird it must be to hear, "Hi, you don't know me, but I listen to your dad's podcasts."

It is very strange. Leander's dad is the Rev'd Dr. Leander Harding, and most conversations start with: "You're Leander Harding!?!" And Leander has to explain that, no, that's his dad.

Indie Pereira said...

I would love to find out if Cambellites can be saved. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

Steve Hayes said...

So what's your dissertation on?

I suppose I could read through your blog to find out, but time is short and the print is small for old farts like me, so won't you remind us?

Jennifer said...


it's too bad that you weren't here to enjoy the Archbishop's visit! But I hope your dissertation is coming along well back in Ky..

on another note, I'm curious how you know the Spencers...the "internet monk" was the chaplain and my Bible teacher at the school i grew up in with Clay and Noel. I knew his blogs have been well read for years...but I was not aware you were one of his fans....

Kyle said...

Haha, I only "e-know" the Spencers - and that just barely. I started listening to the iMonk's podcasts at my pastor's recommendation, and I've gotten to be a pretty big fan.