Monday, February 19, 2007

Baptists Behaving Badly

Recorded at a cookout right after I returned from Oxford. I was horribly, horribly jet lagged. I also apparently got a little fatter, but that's okay.


Darron said...

Amazing! I had forgotten that Alan recorded the story. The image of your facial expression at formal hall shall forever be burned into my memory.

"Yeah! She totally faked that priest out!"

Anonymous said...

Funnyyyyyyy! I can't remember if I was actually there but I KNOW I've heard you tell that story.

Thanks for making me laugh (again!)


Jared Cramer said...




at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Ok, definitely downloading that one and putting that in the archive along with Colbert's commencement speech at my alma mater. Pure. comedy. gold.

By which I mean, yes, she is going to hell. I'll call in for the appropriate certificates and oils and everything tomorrow morning. :-P

Markus Watson said...

That's hilarious!! It's also fun to see what you're like as a live (though in video form) person, as opposed to a picture who writes good stuff!

And re: Thinspace, thanks for letting me know about it. Aaron Klinefelter, who is involved with Vineyard Central, is actually a friend of mine, so I'll have to look into it! (I'm guessing Aaron's involved in it. In fact, I think he may have mentioned it to me at some point a while ago.)

Julie said...

Just so you know, this is killing me. I have 6 hours of tax class, I use this time to keep up with my internet surfing. Your blog is first in my ‘daily check’ favorites, so in hour 1 of tax class I see the video posted. I cannot watch the video; I have a feeling whatever you are saying will tip off the prof and my classmates that I am not focusing on taxes. So I must wait to watch your video. Patience is a virtue, one I do not possess. I continue my internet surfing in hours 3 and 4 and discover you have posted teasers on Facebook and myspace. I still cannot watch what is sure to be a hilarious (and hopefully a lil’ evil) video, and you just keep throwing it up in my face! So I’ll be home in about a half hour and could then watch the video, but I don’t think I will. I’m not giving you the satisfaction, you ass!