Monday, March 06, 2006

Just Stuff

1 Lent
8 Hilary

I had a pretty quiet day; stayed out of college, for better or worse. I read some scripture and said the offices today. I didn't make it to the gym like I wanted, but perhaps tomorrow. I am behind in the Greek I'm supposedly trying to learn. I vacuumed the hallway, bought groceries, and put cards in the mail for my other friends' March birthdays. I replaced the bell on my bike, which had been vandalized along with my front light two weeks ago. I got a citation for the latter issue, which will be forgiven me (along with the thirty pound fine!) if I show up at the police station with a receipt for the replacement light.

I had a little sushi for lunch. The Japanese restaurant a few doors down is overpriced, but the company was pleasant. I made stir fry for dinner and went downstairs for the "Christian Arts Tea and Coffee House." Yes, it's an acronym, but that's alright. We watched "Crash," and it's a deeply moving film. Tomorrow, I will make a tuna bake.

I spent most of the day slogging through that terrible book on Biblical Interpretation by Bray. I'm only sticking with it because I think I have to write a critique on it. Pants. As they say.

I was convinced to go to a club called "Filth" on Saturday night. Why don't you just use your imagination for that one?

I read a bit of Isaiah today.

I bought a box of English Breakfast tea, and I will, predictably, have it at breakfast tomorrow. I also bought some proper "brew" coffee. As they say. Because, you see, in England, "coffee" can mean instant coffee. I don't know why that is. One learns to live with these things.


Ben Finger said...

And your birthday is not to far away either. Lets hope you stay out of "filth" for the future. You know we really don't need to be sending you bars of dove soap for your "filth"yness. Just remember to wash behind those ears.

hilary said...

I've just arrived here through a link from the Rector's blog. I think I get the gist, but am left curious about the numbers at the top of each post. 1 Lent, I get. First week of Lent. But what's 8 Hilary?

Is it eight weeks since the feast of Hilary of Antioch?

And if so, why? Are you especially devoted to St. Hilary?

I am, but for obvious reasons.

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I like filth. It reminds that I am actually a clean person who gets a little dirty every now and again...


mike said...

mmmmm...Sushi...the problem is that most sushi is overpriced...okay, perhaps it's just usually expensive...

Anonymous said...

Sushi is icky.

Kyle said...

There was indeed something of an ick factor.

Welcome, Hilary, and welcome back, Mike H.

The academic year at Oxford is divided into three terms, Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity. Each term has eight weeks, and we're just plain strange around these parts, we mark time according to what week of term it is: people have no idea what, say, March 15 means, but if I say "Wednesday of 9th week," it actually conveys useful information.

Why do I put it on my blog? To emphasis that this is a strange land, indeed. ;0)