Friday, January 05, 2007



I think one of the best things that could happen in America, in terms of the Kingdom, is if Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins formed a Cybele-style castration cult.

That would be sweet.

When, oh when, will the Demiurge rapture away the platonists?

Hey, I wonder if Alan remembers the time I kidnapped those Baptist missionaries I found in my neighborhood and we tied them up and he made them kiss the crucifix? That was pretty sweet.

Today I'm reading books on postmodernity, Rodney Stark's new Cities of God, and Alan Hirch's Shape of Things to Come. Good stuff.

Has anyone read David Wells' Above All Earthly Pow'rs? Or Reno's In the Ruins of the Church? I think Fr Richard put me onto that one; I read the introduction yesterday in a free half hour. Yah, I found it a little dense.

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Chad Toney said...

I haven't read Reno's book, but I have read his follow-up article. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Senator, I cannot recall the night in question.., no..., as I said Senator, on the night in question I cannoot recall anything of the kind.