Saturday, September 23, 2006


Ordinary Time

I'm writing today.

Time for a rant. Want to know how you can tell if a book on religion is utter garbage?

Clue No. 1. Have you heard of the publisher? Me neither. What's the publisher's philosophy and target audience?

Clue No. 2. Do the reviewers offering glowing appraisals of the book exercise great care to refer to the author by his (we won't kid ourselves) title? If you're talking about Understanding the Holy Spirit by "Dr. Doe" instead of "Doe," that means he's been picked up by a fundamentalist leader cult.

Folks used to stop me in midsentence when discussing politics: "You mean Doctor Dobson?"

Of course, it also bloody well helps if "Satan" is listed as a key player in the title...


Rob the Cuban said...

Oh boy.

Richard said...

I don't know what you mean, the book looks great! .. well, maybe by great I mean complete drivel.

Chris said...

did you see the cover?!?! that's worth the price of the book ALONE!

Emo Jesse said...

I concur! I would buy it just to hang it on my wall.