Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Me. Work. Lots.

Ordinary Time

Last week Katie left me a voicemail asking me to e-mail her. Funniest thing ever. (Context here)

I've been writing all day. (The Other) Kyle and I watched an episode of House during lunch. He came over to study.

I'm going to Georgetown tomorrow for Patrick's "Stan" reading group. I think he wants me to beat down on some Calvinists. I'll bring a crucifix and some chrism.

Alan's coming back in a couple of days.

Stupid journalists think that forced conversion to Islam = "warm and fuzzy."

Antony wrote a longer answer to my Liturgy of the Hours question. You know that lil' critter can't help himself.

Aquilina tells us about Gregory the Great, who had a feast day this week.

Several more folks have been writing several neat things I won't get to read until I'm finished with this paper. (Mopes about.)

Oh, and I don't have an opinion about this, but I'm dying to know what Josh Hearne's gonna say...


A said...

Should I be helping myself?

Kyle said...

Nah. :0)

A said...

I didn't think so. :)