Monday, October 10, 2005

Lazy Sunday

It's been a good weekend. I stayed in yesterday to do laundry, get some groceries and do a few errands. The Christian Union at Regent's served a breakfast yesterday morning which was well attended. They seemed like a lot of nice folks.

I visited the hOME congregation last night to meet some of those folks. (They keep a podcast on their website now.) One of the great things about Oxford is that there's no shortage of good congregations, whether in the C of E or outside of it. I don't want to spend the whole term trying to figure out where I belong in terms of theology and ministry, however. I want to continue my formation as a presbyter, so I can't be stuck in my books quite the whole time.

"Will absolve sins for food"

Hmm, maybe not.

I bought light bulbs, a bin, and a new SIM card for the mobile phone I found in the basement. Pretty sweet. On Sunday afternoons we have the proper brew, at which time a number of the students gather in the JCR for some nicer snacks and cakes and just hang out. There's another party tonight, but I just can't handle it. I like to go to bed at 10pm, what can I say?

I rode my bike up the high street yesterday, feeling pretty good about that one. Rode it in from the Exam Schools this morning, caught my shoelace in the pedal and crashed. Happily, only my pride was wounded.

I'm not really having any adventures as such, so I'm going to start posting pictures of interesting things around college. I'll show you what I come up with.


J Hearne said...

You found a mobile phone in the basement?

Sorry to hear about the bike accident. Hey, maybe you'll get a nice scar.

I've heard scars make people look "real."

Bryan said...

Pictures are good . . . bring them on.

Kyle said...

Um, you mean like the ones on my forehead?

#Debi said...

You mean the ones on your forehead aren't stigmata? :^)