Thursday, October 27, 2005


This Cathedral holds many treasures
strange ornaments and instruments,
useful for things that no one remembers

What were they for? Their uses as diverse
as their appearance: oft the victim, oft the perpetrator
and usually
somewhere in between

This monstrance
tarnished by affluence
dimmed by frustrated hopes
cradles the corpse of a dead god
Who keeps company with all who have
finally failed

This life so full of compromise
this will to love so fierce
but so stunted
these immobile feet so
desperate to move

bears the presence of a dead god
in the world that
also died
but forgot

Those with eyes to see
kneel down to adore
the brokenness and the pain
the failure and the compromise
the unclarity and confusion

"this is the way he made me, and I don't dispute 'hit."

Faith for all defects supplying
where the feeble senses fail

I am a temple of the Holy Ghost
I am a temple of the Holy Ghost
I am a temple of the Holy Ghost

You are


+ Alan said...

Monstrance!? Why you talkin' 'bout monsters and worshippin' idols? I think you need to get saved.

J Hearne said...

Seriously, Kyle. Jesus doesn't like monsters. Don't you like Jesus? Maybe you should just right about the trinity.

Kyle said...

Philistines! My work is being read by Philistines!

+ Alan said...

OK, it's actually good. And I remind you, you are from Ashland boy, Ashland. And I've never even been to Philistia.

J Hearne said...

What's wrong with Ashland?

the funky monkey-duck said...

wooohooo Kyle has poetry on his blog! AWESOME! DOOOByDOOBYDOO!

Kyle said...

It's the moments like these that make me really miss you, Michael. I mean, mostly.