Friday, April 08, 2005

This Week at School

It's been a pretty sweet week. The Georgetown College Pastor's Conference was held Monday through Wednesday, so most of my waking hours were spent on campus between reunion planning, the conference, and work (which I swear I really do!).

Dr. Ellis came from Regent's to interview undergrads for the Oxford program, and he gave a brilliant and deeply poignant lecture on my boy, G.A. Studdert-Kennedy. He showed great subtlety and style with the historic and contemporary parallels while focusing on the man's poetry.

We believe the call of God has come to Britain to spare neither blood nor treasure in the struggle to shatter a great anti-Christian attempt to destroy the fabric of Christian civilisation... We rejouice that many of the young men of our churches have dedicated themselves, with the consent of their parents, to the service of their country, and have been amongst the foremost to offer themslves for the defence and liberation of Europe.

- From the Minutes of the Baptist Union Council of Great Britain, September 1914.

I cannot say too strongly that I believe every able-bodied man ought to volunteer for service anywhere. There ought to be no shirking of that duty.

- Kennedy in his parish magazine, 1914.

Yeah, it's pretty creepy. But unlike many others, he did get out into the trenches and see the suffering caused by such attitudes.

I was invited to Shakertown last weekend with some profs and Oxford program participants to tour about and have an outstanding dinner. It was indeed mo' fun. Spent the time talking about local religious history ("I've never heard of these 'Campbellites' of which you speak...") and the nature of "practical" or "pastoral" theology. You know, how God forms Christ in people and how he forms us in communities. The usual.

Threw frisbee a few times this week, and got to sit at table with friends a few times.

So pretty outside. And I'm definately inside. Gonna type out my reflections on the Epistle to Diognetus. Whoopie!

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