Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I made a t-shirt

I made a t-shirt today... Posted by Hello

Freestyle prayer?


How... Protestant.

I was in a funny mood...

And in other news, habemus papam!

Read Andrew Greeley’s piece for an optimistic appraisal, courtesy of Kendall Harmon.


A said...

So when do they go on sale?

Allison said...

Is that freestyle prayer jazz on the back? I think that's the most amusing thing I've read all day. You'd make a killing on Ebay. Hell, I'd do it.

Kyle said...

Ha! Thanks.

Actually, the freestyle prayer bit was something I thought of when praying the office the other day. I put the "air of superiority" thing on the back.

I should note, however, that "freestyle" prayer isn't really "protestant" any more than using historic prayers is "catholic."

Extemporaneous prayer is a pietist bit that you can find all over both traditions. God's people have always "prayed the Bible" as well as extemporaneously (on the spot).


Bryan said...

You're so much fun to know. :-)

The Archer of the Forest said...

You seriously need to get a trademark patent for that. I know several people who would buy one. And one of them is actually Anglican!

Kyle said...

Couldn't do it, as that is the official C of E logo I lifted from their site.

The slogan, of course, is my own witticism.


Eyrezer said...

That is hilarious! Especially the 'slight air of superiority"!

Can you make one for Catholics also? I think that 'slight air' can alos apply to us too!

Have a good day.

Kyle said...

The Roman Catholic Church, est. A.D. 33:

got succession?