Saturday, February 12, 2005

to be a man of peace

I've been sitting in front of a monitor for two and a half hours, re-reading old theology and history papers, hoping to cull a couple of papers that will serve as appropriate writing samples for an application.

I want to pull my eyes out.

Kyle, Adam and I watched Supersize Me last night. I do love that movie. I think I'll go out for fast food this afternoon. And sigh, go to the grocery. I wish I didn't have to do that on Saturday afternoon.

Alan's got a little discussion going, springing from our communities' shared time on Ash Wednesday. So I won't reproduce the details, except to say that it was wonderful to receive the ashes with friends instead of a bunch of strangers. This week's Pedro concert was really great; I got to be with cool, out-of-town friends, so I couldn't have asked for anything better. Our Bonhoeffer meeting was also extremely gratifying; I might posts reflections on the text at some point. You know, if it's by popular demand or something.

And here's your thought for the day. Community is still hard. We can't love and heal one another if we're not close enough to risk hurting one another as well. And as surely as we even try to love and be together, we will hurt one another. That doesn't ruin anything, to say nothing of everything. The real test is found in how we choose to proceed together.

Spending Lent with my best friends, and with Bonhoeffer and Paul's epistles echoing in my soul. What have I signed up for?

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