Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nice Kitty

I'm afraid Kitty's getting bored with his toys. I think when I finish my paper, I'm going to go to the pet store and get him a hamster to play with.

Oh, and kill and eat.

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Thomas Mohan said...

There is a reason why the ancient Egyptians thought of cats as "god like", they are masters at mind control. I am certain that the hampster thought did not originate with you but was planted into your subconscious by Kitty, and these thoughts will continue unless you either resist and confront Kitty directly or else purchase the living morsel so demanded. I recommended you resist or else you may find the demands for live food will never end.

Kyle said...

I'm trying to feed him kibble in the morning, and canned food in the evening, but he whines all day - seriously, he meows at us loudly the entire time any of us walks through the kitchen - until he gets what he wants.

But I will be strong.