Sunday, August 06, 2006

Um. What?

An older woman came to the Help Desk the other day. She wanted to order a book. And to learn why "everyone around this place" writes Spanish sevens.


"Spanish sevens! Why do you use Spanish sevens? You just wrote one! I know they don't teach that in schools here, so I want to know where you people are learning it."

Honestly, at first I thought it was an odd question of some sexual nature, but it was actually a little stranger than that. I mean, it's not gnosticism, or something: "Where are you people learning about the Pleroma and the Demiurge? It's supposed to be secret knowledge!"

A "Spanish seven" has a little line through the stem.

"Uhhhh, I guess I just picked it up off the street somewhere, ma'am. I like to use it to more carefully differentiate my sevens from my Arabic 1's."

Spanish sevens are just sensible, mkay?

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Matt said...

Well, its only officially part of the Southern Baptist Convention. Our elder is the campus pastor at a Southern Baptist university and therefore, his contract states that he must attend a southern baptist church. But he's not a huge fan of SBC churches and feels that house churches are more scriptural and work better. So it doesn't really function as a southern baptist church in any of its daily practices. And even theologically, I think there are probably a few differences.

Peter said...

The Spanish Seven is actually my very favorite number.

We should all be using internationally oriented numbers, such as the Hungarian Three and Peruvian Eleven.

Isn't this what postmodern pluralistic societies are good for, anyway?

#Debi said...

I do that with "Z"'s to differentiate them from my "2"'s. I wonder what nationality a Z with a line through it is?

Kyle said...

Hiya, Matt. Point taken, and thanks for dropping by. :0)

Peter and Debi, let's continue to deconstruct modernity with as many numbers as we can.